Answers to St. Patrick’s Day Quiz

If you received a quiz and were wondering about the answers, here you are!
1. St. Patrick was born in:
a. Ireland
b. Britain
c. Antarctica

2. St. Patrick died in:
a. 289 BC
b. 460 AD
c. 1945 AD

3. At the age of 16, St. Patrick:
a. Joined the Norwegian army;
b. Was captured by Irish raiders;
c. Got his driver’s license;

4. At age 22, St. Patrick:
a. Got married;
b. Escaped to Britain from Ireland;
c. Became a Roman senator;

5. Of his religious upbringing, St. Patrick said:
a. “I was better than others”;
b. “I knew not the true God”;
c. “I never sinned”;

6. St. Patrick vowed to never return to Ireland but changed his mind. Why?
a. Could you repeat the question;
b. Had a vision of people begging him to return;
c. He got tired of British tea;

7. He spent the rest of his life:
a. Running from God;
b. Justifying his self-centered life;
c. Sharing Jesus’ offer of eternal life with the Irish;


Author: kwbanks

Someone who believes that Jesus is real and really there for you if you ask Him. If you don't want Him in your life it's because you don't know Him.

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